Slogs I like

I just finished reading one or two posts of every slog (okay, a couple I skimmed). Here are the ones that, for one reason or another, I particularly like: they’re funny, they’re well-designed, they’re informative, they’re well-written, etc.

On the other hand, repeating keywords rules a slog out for me. Not updating in over a month also makes it a non-visit, even if that first and only post was brilliant. :/

Also, observation: All poor slogs are alike; each good slog is good in its own way.

Hope the list leads you to an enjoyable read!


2 thoughts on “Slogs I like

  1. I forgot to thank you for metioning my blog 😀

    But Thank You very much ^^ When I learned that you mentioned my blog it made me happy that someone is actually reading it and I am not writting all these posts for nothing ^^ All the best on your exams ^^

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